5 Ideas for Your Basement Transformation

One of the things you always see in movies is a well utilized basement that serves as a guest room, entertainment room, and sometimes even a game room, but to be honest that rarely happens in a real home. I’ve seen some calgary basement renovations and I was amazed at how the space was transformed and how simple it can be. From dirty, dark, and damp spaces to areas that are actually fun and conducive to be both working and chilling spots, here are some ideas you can use to transform your basement:


  1. Office space

In today’s world, there are jobs that sometimes accept work from home schedules, while there are also professions that require a ready space that can accommodate all the paper work and electronics needed for production. If you need this kind of space, the basement might be a good option to consider because of its privacy and quietness. Having your work space in a silent area will not only increase productivity but can also give you ample space to have both office and relaxing area within reach


  1. Children’s Playroom

In our household, the living area serves as the children’s playroom. Toys are scattered everywhere and every once in a while, you will accidentally step on a lego or break a fragile toy that was left behind. If your home is like this, you might want to look into expanding your space by transforming the basement as a children’s playroom. You can dump all of their toys in there, and create shelving units and storage that are both useful and can be played with. There’s one catch though, make sure to provide proper insulation and additional security from the utility space as that area should not be accessed by children.


  1. Entertainment Room

Do you often get scolded because you watch way too much television or that you turn up the volume too loud? Well, you might need an entertainment room settled at the basement. This floor level allows you turn up the volume by properly insulating the walls and floors, and also gives you the privacy you need to enjoy a good movie. Just like in the movies, you can add giant couches and coffee tables in front of the television so that you can invite your friends over without causing too much disturbance to other family members.


  1. Living Room

There are cases wherein both you and your sister have friends over, and it’s not a good idea to share a common space; you might want a second living room. The basement can be transformed into a room that can accommodate guests without feeling too secluded. The only thing this kind of transformation needs is the right kind of furniture and you’re good to go. Make it appear as cozy as you can and you might end up loving it more than the living room upstairs.


  1. Guest Bedroom

If you want more space to use, then you can never go wrong with an extra bedroom. The basement can also be utilized as the guest bedroom by putting in the right components such as a warm lamp, and inviting bed linens.


You cannot run out of ideas when it comes to basement renovations; the space is there and ready to receive any plan and design you have in your head. Make use of what is in your property and do not be afraid to renovate, it may turn out as the most comfortable room in your home.